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Food is important to Thai culture and social life – it’s great for bonding, most of our dishes are designed for sharing. From smooth to crunchy, mild to hot and sweet to sour, they’re created for maximum impact. You’ll experience new taste sensations, distinctive flavours, unique presentation and friendly staff. Our menu caters to vegetarians, meat and seafood lovers. For the real taste of Thailand.

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Spring Rolls (4Pcs) $8.90
Tasty vermicelli noodles, cabbage, carrot, mixed with thai herbs wrapped in crispy pastry. Served with sweet chilli sauce

Curry Puffs (4Pcs) $8.90
Golden brown puff pastry parcels filled with our spiced blend of potatoes, sweet potato and mixed herbs, served with cucumber sauce

Tod Mun Pla (4Pcs) GF  $9.90
Boneless fish fillet blended with Thai herbs and spices deep fried and served with cucumber sauce

Chicken Satay (4Pcs) GF    $12.90
Chicken marinated with our secret blend of spices, bbq’d to perfection served with our famous satay sauce

Goong Hom Pa (4Pcs)     $12.90
Delicious king prawns wrapped in a juicy mix of shredded coconut and corn kernels served with tamarind sauce

Mixed Entree     $18.90 Platter for 2 or more
Spring rolls, curry puffs, chicken satay, crumbed calamari + 3 sauces

Kanoom Jeep (4Pcs)     $8.90
A combo blend of pork and prawn, steamed in wonton wrappers. Served with soy sauce

Crumbed Calamari     $10.90
Marinated and crumbed, several rings deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce

Ewin Kids Rice    $8.90
Soy chicken served with rice
Chicken Nuggets & Chips    $8.90
Bowl of French Fries    $4.50


King Prawns         Sml $10.90         Lrg $19.90
Chicken                  Sml $9.90          Lrg $18.90
Veg/Tofu               Sml $9.90          Lrg $16.90

With your choice of the following soups

Tom yum
Authentic, traditional spicy and sour soup flavoured with roast chilli paste ,lemon grass,and kaffir lime leaf.

Tom kha
Creamy coconut milk broth seasoned with galangal, lemon grass,local limes and mushrooms.


World known, served with local homemade hokkien egg noodles, beansprout, dried onion.

Prawns              Sml $16.90         Lrg $24.90
Chicken            Sml $16.90          Lrg $22.90
Tofu/Vege        Sml $14.90          Lrg $21.90
Seafood             Sml $18.90          Lrg $28.90

YUM (SALADS) All salads are GF

Your choice of meat bbq’d to perfection then tossed with a aromatic blend of spanish onion, chilli, fish sauce, fresh mint, lemon grass, coriander and lime juice served on a bed of crisp lettuce and cucumber.

Yum Beef Salad  $21.90

Yum Duck Salad with roast cashews $22.90

Som Tum Thai  $15.90
Green papaya salad, peanuts, herbs and spices
Add 5 grilled king prawns to your Som Tum $22.90

Crispy Pork Belly Salad  $22.90
A popular favourite with locals

CURRIES (GANG) All Curries are GF

Select your favourite meat, seafood or vege/tofu

Veg/Tofu                                                                                          $19.90
Local Trimmed Beef Rump, Pork, Chicken Breast, Lamb              $22.90
King Prawns/Fish                                                                           $26.90
Mixed Seafood                                                                                 $28.90
Medley of Squid, Black Mussels, Fish, Prawns, scallops

with your choice of the following curries

A full bodied, creamy curry infused in coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf, ground mung bean
Gang Keow Wahn
A fragrant green curry embodied with coconut cream,  accentuated with lemon grass
Traditional red curry flavour with our special touch!
Massamun     $22.90
Tender braised beef slow cooked in a variety of spices, coconut cream topped with sweet potatoes (beef only)
Gang Ped Bed     $26.90
Delicious roast duck, lychee in a red creamy curry


Fish of the Day      PRICED TO SIZE
Local line caught whole fish cooked to perfection  topped with our famous dry curry sauce and crispy basil
Pad Ped Duck     $26.90
Wok tossed roast duck, prik king curry paste, chilli, basil

Barramundi Fillet (Grilled or Fried)    $22.90
Cooked to perfection topped with an Asian style salad with fresh herbs, roast cashew nuts and nam jim sauce

Select your favourite meat, seafood or veg/tofu

Chicken Breast, Local Trimmed Beef Fillet, Pork Fillet, Lamb    $22.90
Prawn, Fish                              $26.90
Fresh Mixed Seafood               $28.90
Veg/Tofu                                   $19.90

with your choice of the following stir fry

Chicken N Cashews
The flavour of Thai classic stir fry with roast cashew nuts and authentic chilli jam.

Pad King
Combination of fresh finely chopped ginger, veg and black fungi.

Oyster Sauce
A classic stir fry with fresh veg and white fungi.

Pad Prik Sod
Stir fried fresh chilli blend with fresh basil.

Gratium Prik Thai
Our own style of garlic and pepper served on a bed of steamed Asian greens.

Pad Pak
Stir fried asian mixed veggies with light soy sauce.

Kow Pad     $15.90
Thai style fried rice – your choice of chicken, beef ,pork, lamb, prawns, veg/tofu

Kow Pad Moo Grob    $18.90
Crispy pork belly fried rice

Pad Thai     $18.90
Classic thin rice noodles stir fry served with beansprout, crushed peanuts – with your choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, prawn ,veg/tofu

Pad Siew     $18.90
Local homemade thin fat rice noodles with a touch of sweet soy with your choice of chicken ,beef ,pork, lamb, prawn, veg/tofu

Pad Ki Mao     $18.90
Stir fried egg noodles with chilli and basil & your choice chicken, beef ,pork, lamb, prawns, veg/tofu

Steamed Jasmine Rice     per serve  $2.50

SET BANQUET Min. 10 People     $30 per person
Quantity of mains is portioned accordingly to suit the amount of people per table

Standard Mixed Entree
Thai Beef Salad
Red Curry Barramundi
Pad Thai Pork & Prawn
Chicken & Cashew Nut Stir fry
Steamed Jasmine Rice

Please ask about our delicious homemade desserts